Commercial Solar Farms

02 Sep 50 Solar Rooftops into Solar Farms

Home Depot turning 50 stores into Solar Farms


A great step toward reducing the carbon footprint!

Home Depot will convert 20 New Jersey store roofs into solar rooftops including 8 stores in
Maryland, Washington D.C, Connecticut and 22 Stores in New York and California.
They are further planning to use Tesla Powerpacks to store any extra energy being

What is Solar Farms?

Solar farms definition is based on the purpose of energy; it is not depending on a
number of solar panels or energy being produced. Normally utility-scale solar
applications are referred as Solar Farms.


Now, what is Utility Scale Solar Applications?

Any power generated from the solar application and is further sold for commercial gain than it is referred as Utility-Scale Solar Applications.

We want to help you out in learning what is Solar Farms before you get started with your Solar Roof Tops or Commercial Solar PV Design.

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