Convert sldprt to step file

21 Apr Convert sldprt to step file

There are many ways to convert SLDPRT to STEP files,
let’s discuss some of the easiest one first.

A SLDPRT file is a Solidworks part file format, the reason for converting it into the STEP file format is, because we can share the 3d model across different 3d software platforms.


How to convert SLDPRT to STEP Files:


  • This can be simply done in Solidworks if you have one.
  • If you do not have Solidworks than you have to use other CAD platforms like Autodesk Inventor or PTC Creo, where you can import the SLDPRT file and then save it as STEP file.
  • The other simplest way to do that is, you can contact us ,and we will help you convert the file at a very basic cost, in most cases we do not charge for the simple job.


You should also know that STEP file have two different file format.


  • STEP AP203 or
  • STEP AP214


Let’s look into more detail, what are STEP AP203 and STEP AP214?


1) STEP AP203 file will include following items for parts and assembly:


  • Geometry
  • Configuration data
  • Topology information.

Note: STEP AP203 file type will not retain layer and color properties.

2) STEP AP214 will have following benefits:


  • Will retain layers, colors, and GD&T properties
  • It is an extension of STEP AP203.


Advantages of using STEP file:


  • STEP file is Neutral file type; meaning can be read by any CAD Software.
  • It represent parts and assemblies accurately than STL file format
  • All features are retained and no manipulation on original source file
  • STEP files are used by manufacturer for machining, fabrication and 3d printing, it also reduce programming time and help reduce manufacturing cost and errors.


Can I view STEP file online? Sure, please follow below link and it will take you in right direction.


1) Free STEP file online viewer : https://viewer.autodesk.com/


2) Free STEP file standalone viewer : https://3d-viewers.com/step-viewer.html

If you are looking for someone who can help you create STEP files from Solidworks SLDPRT files, then you are at the right place.

Contact us today and we will provide STEP file in whichever file format you are looking for.

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