09 Sep Converting Solidworks 3d model into Revit Family

Converting Solidworks 3d part or assembly model into Revit family model is not an easy job if the part or assembly is too complicated. We will try to help understand how to use some basic tools and convert Solidworks 3d model into Revit and create parametric driven Revit families.

Let’s start with Solidworks 3d Assembly or Part file:

  1. If you have Solidworks 3d assembly compose of many sub-assemblies and part files than decompose those sub-assemblies into parts files or locate all parts files and try to understand each part and their relevant features.
  2. Start with simple part file not having so many features in it; this will help convert those part files in Revit family right away.
  • Study the feature list and try to remove fillets and chamfer from the Solidworks part files
  • Keep only basic features necessary to create the component under discussion
  • Change all modeled threads into cosmetic threads and try to make the part file as simple as you can from 3d modeling aspect
  • Save part files in .sat file format
  • Try importing .sat file into Revit family environment


Sometimes it happens your part will not show up in the Revit at all after importing because of many other issues say:

  • Solidworks part file is too complicated
  • The part file was created using splines, surface and sweep features in Solidworks


Another option is if you can try to save Solidworks part files into AutoCAD .dwg format, and then try to import that .dwg file into Revit family than it can work too

Above all, it is a trial and error process, which can take 1 hour or 100 hours depending upon how complicated the Solidworks part or assembly is

As things are getting older, they are getting better 🙂

Solidworks has recently added a new feature where it enables users to covert Solidworks part or assembly files into the Revit family (.rfa) format.


Open the part file you like to convert. Under Tools on the upper hand corner, click Export to AEC.


In the Property menu, select the type of host component, its corresponding reference plane and add a reference point.


  • Choose the number of details you would like to export from the file
  • Select the features you would like to export from the file
  • Remove the features you won’t need from the file
  • Review the preview of the graphics you selected to export
  • Once all set, click Save As and select the .rfa type
  • Select Export Custom Properties option to export the graphics you selected
  • Click the option called Export and Click Save
  • Solidworks software will now automatically convert the model into the .rfa format


Not an easy job, correct? No worries!

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