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Great! When any job is scheduled for fabrication, structural steel detailing plays a very crucial role before actual fabrication is initiated. It is very essential to be careful while detailing steel structures. Intelligent steel detailing and accurate execution of the construction project is the only key for successful construction.

Steel modeling is the first step done by the fabricator or GC after getting construction documents approval. This is a very important step before any fabrication is initiated.

Nowadays instead of going for old and traditional AutoCAD 2d drawings for structural steel detailing, general contractors are opting for advanced software like Tekla and Solidworks to develop steel fabrication drawings. The software eases your designing and approval process making steel detailing job easy and accurate.

Tekla for steel modeling is one of the most preferred structural steel detailing software as it enhances the quality of steel structure detailing and 3D modeling while offering the team to create accurate model and deliver the project on time.

Benefits of Tekla Steel Modeling:

Tekla steel modeling benefits us in numerous ways, how?

  • 3D view:

The model-based approach let you handle the complex issue of designing in a simplistic way. The biggest benefit of using Tekla is it helps us with 3D views and live schedules to check steel.

  • No more delay:

With Tekla, every sheet is an actual representation of building the structure. Just follow your 3D drawing and construct one successful building. Tekla saves your time using auto sync features and easy to handle operations let you design the steel structure in no time.

  • Cost-efficient:

Steel modeling on Tekla let you design structure in the most cost-efficient manner. Through Tekla, you can figure out an alternative that is best suitable for your requirement. It allows you to figure out the most cost-effective way of construction. Tekla also helps you in estimating the steel along with automated generation of the ABM, DXF, NC and KISS files.

  • No more redrawing:

When your building structure gets under fabrication it can unlikely face few changes. Tekla saves you from redrawing the whole model as you can make changes on any specific part of the 3d model or the assembly.

It also facilitates you to view this steel model from any angle you want and monitor it on-site through TeklaBIMsight model viewer.

How ACS Cad Services help you?

ACS cad helps you by providing the most innovative and reliable steel models. Yes, contractors and fabricator can relieve themselves as ACS cad is engaged in delivering the world-class steel detailing drawings to ease your process of construction. We at ACS believe in quality, affordability and timely delivery for your structural steel detailing projects.

We have a team of experienced professional that has dealt with thousands of Tekla steel modeling projects and works dedicatedly to help you throughout the planning process.

Working with this software is the most productive way to manage the detailing and explore the benefits of the model in the fabrication and erection phase. This not just gives you support for delivering your projects error free and on time but let you design the most innovative and long-running structural designs.

As we said we will assure you fastest turnaround time with the best quality and low rate for your steel detailing services. We want to help ease the installation process and save cost per installation. At ACS we are committed to provide guarantee services at best affordable rate with no compromise in quality. Let’s start reaping those benefits.

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