CAD Conversion Services

If you are looking to covert your PDFs or hand drawn sketches than you are at right place, ACS will not only assist you to convert your hand drawn sketches into 3d or 2d workable CAD files, but will make sure your drawings are produced as per engineering standard and industry requirements. For architectural drawings requirements please refer our Architectural CAD Conversions Services. or Contact us at info@acscadservices.com or Call us at 508 948 0363.

We also provide affordable 2d to 3d conversion services and help convert scan PDF to 3d models, STL to STEP, DWG to STL, STEP to STL and many other CAD Conversion Services and file format as per your requirements.

Inputs we convert into 3D modeling and 2D Drawings are:


  • Paper to CAD
  • Image to CAD
  • PDF to CAD
  • PDF to DWG
  • 2D to 3D Model
  • DWG to DGN
  • AutoCAD to IGES, STEP or STL files

The software we expertise:


  • Solidworks
  • AutoCAD
  • Pro/E
  • Inventor

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