Micro Inverter vs String Inverter

22 Jan Micro Inverter Vs String Inverter

A question that comes across to all the homeowner planning to install Solar System or the Solar Site Designer


Micro Inverter Vs String Inverter


Micro Inverter: The word in itself says that these inverters are much smaller compared to conventional or String based Inverters. This further facilitates the Inverter to directly hookup on the back of the Solar Panel.

Yes! You are assuming right each Solar Panel or the Module will have their own Inverter.

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String Inverter or Conventional Inverter: These inverters are much bigger in size compare to Micro Inverter. Depending upon its capacity the inverter is hooked up to one or the more strings.

The primary purpose of both the inverters types is to convert power from DC to AC.

Advantages and disadvantages of Micro Inverter Vs String Inverter:

Solar Drafting ServicesLooking at the above comparison chart, the Micro Inverter are much better than the String or the conventional Inverter, the only issue is the cost, if you are planning to install solar system on your roof and cost is not an constraint, than Micro Inverter will be the best choice as one way or the either it will pay back soon, reason, it produces higher power compare to the String Inverter and it comes with 25 years warranty from the manufacturer side.

Importantly you can monitor individual panel output in the Micro Inverter making sure your installed system is in healthy condition and you get your payback of the installation cost as planned, the same is not possible in the String or the conventional Inverters.

The Best Known Micro Inverter Manufacturers list:

1) Enphase
2) Siemens
3) Solar Edge

Are you are still planning to use the String Inverter? No worry below is the list of the best String Inverter manufacturers.

The Best Known String Inverter Manufacturers list:

1) Solar Edge
2) Fronius
3) SMA

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