09 Apr One Line Diagram Vs Three Line Diagram

One Line Diagram Vs Three Line Diagram


When doing solar PV design or drafting it becomes very imperative to understand the difference between single line diagram and three line diagram.

Let’s have a closer look to understand what it means in Solar Drafting Services

Single Line Diagram or One Line Diagram 

This line diagram is the simplest one, where electrical wiring is shown as a single line between PV modules and the Inverters. The connections are shown as a single line regardless of DC wiring, Single Phase Wiring or the 3-Phase wiring.

This wiring diagram will not clearly explain how the actual wiring is done and how many cables it carries between the PV systems components.

If you are really looking for the wiring diagram where you want a clear understanding of how the solar system components are interconnected than you need to draw a three line diagram.

When we are saying electrical components meaning we are referring to PV modules, Optimizers, Micro InvertersString Inverters, Combiner Box, Junction Box, Rapid Shutdown, Load Center, Sub-Panels, Main Service Panels, AC disconnect, DC disconnect, PV meters, Breakers, Supply Side Tab and many more.

Three Line Diagram

Three line diagram is more complicated than a single line or one line diagram. In three line diagram, you need to clearly show the wiring between each PV system components, no matter whether it is DC or AC side of the wiring.

In single phase system, you have to show PV+, PV-, PV-G, L1, L2, N, AC Ground connections.

In the 3-phase system, you have to show PV+, PV-, PV-G, L1, L2, L3, N, AC Ground connections.

We hope the above basic information of the single and the three line diagram is helpful to understand the basic differences between them.

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