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14 Sep What is STEP File?

A common question that comes across all 3d CAD software user and a manufacturing expert


A STEP file is a file format which is commonly used between CAD systems users those who are willing to share their 3d model across different 3d software platforms. You can save file type in STEP AP203 or STEP AP214, now the question comes what is that?

Difference between STEP AP203 and STEP AP214

If a user is using Solidworks than STEP AP203 file type will define geometry, configuration management data and topology information for parts and assemblies, this file type will not retain color and layer properties.

Where else STEP AP214 will retain color, layers, and GD&T properties, this file type is extensions of STEP AP203.

Benefits of STEP file format:

  • Neutral file type; readable by any other CAD Software
  • Much accurate representation of parts and assemblies than STL file type
  • No feature manipulation from original CAD file
  • Easily shared with manufacturer and help them to reduce manufacturing errors


Can I view STEP file online? Yes, you can view STEP, IGS, Solidworks, AutoCAD 2D and 3D file online.


Follow: https://viewer.autodesk.com/

Can I download STEP file viewer? Yes 


Download STEP file Viewer from https://3d-viewers.com/step-viewer.html

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