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21 Mar Solar Permit Services: What You Need to Know

Installing a solar panel can take construction and electrical work. Hence, it is a given that a task like this comes with safety concerns. Your local utility company and the local building department need to check whether the energy system you have installed is the right fit for building and electrical codes before it becomes operational.

The solar permitting process is an essential step you need to take if you are thinking of going solar. Fortunately for you, ACS Solar will handle all the complexities involved in the process. In this article, we are going to discuss what you can expect from our solar permit services and the different elements of the process.

Professional Solar Permit Packages

When you opt for our solar permit services, you are going to get a detailed plan from our design team customized for the energy project you are aiming for. Upon your approval, we will submit the plan for your project to your local building department for permit approval. Once the department has approved the design plan, you can use it for installation.

Depending on the kind of installation you want, your solar plan will have all the important details such as:

  • Schematic line drawings
  • Required 120 rule for solar drafting
  • Lineside tap solar
  • Site installation drawings
  • Operating voltages
  • Module layout
  • Set back (according to NFPA requirements)
  • Maximum system voltage
  • Ground or roof mounting schematics
  • Open circuit voltages
  • Anything else you might need for a permit


Locational Differences

Solar Permit Services

It is also important to remember that different states and towns have varying solar permitting requirements. This means, what might be considered legal in Beaverton, Oregon, might not be regarded as legal in a different state. You might have also had to get an electrical permit if you are trying to ensure the installation is according to the state-mandated code.

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Size and Kind of Installation

The solar permit you get will also depend on the type and size of the installation you are getting. If you are considering getting a big commercial solar energy system, you will need more permits compared to the ones required for a residential energy system.

With that said, the permit you get can also differ depending on which part of your house you are getting the installation on. Rooftop installations and ground-mounted installations have differing permits.

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Selecting a Package


  • Solar Plan Set

This package can get you a solar set for a solar panel installation, regardless of the battery requirements. This plan will align with all utility, state, and local requirements.

The sheets included are:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Site Plan
  • Module Layout
  • Roof Framing Plan
  • Single Line Diagrams or 3-line Diagrams
  • Labels and Data Sheets

You can order this plan today!

Permit and certification fees are not included.

  • Solar Permit

Due to COVID-19, several Authority Holding Jurisdictions are asking people to get their permits online. This can be confusing for a person who is new to the process of solar permits. Luckily for you, we have got you covered.

Call us today for a bulk discount and for online availability.

Wrapping Up

Solar Installation

At ACS, we provide you with legitimate solar permits that you can rely on in every state across America. When you are working with us, there is no guesswork involved. Hire us today to rid yourself of the stress that comes with solar installation projects.

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